AutoAndreas - people are the foundation of our company

At AutoAndreas, we firmly believe that people are the foundation of our company and the key to our success. Therefore, we highly value our employees who are reliable, dependable and passionate. They are the foundation of our growth and ensure the highest quality of our transportation services.

We are proud employers of nearly 100 skilled professionals who are the heart and soul of our organization. Each employee brings his or her unique skills, experience and commitment, which translates into high efficiency in our operations. We take care of our employees by providing them with proper working conditions, development training and opportunities for advancement within our company. 

We believe that the team we surround ourselves with reflects our values and philosophy. Thanks to their dedication and commitment, we are able to provide our customers with reliability, professionalism and comprehensive service at the highest level. Our joint work based on trust, mutual support and the pursuit of excellence is the key to achieving common goals.

We believe that investing in our employees is investing in the future of our company. They are the ones who make up our dynamic team, which is constantly growing and improving its skills. This enables us to meet our biggest challenges and meet our customers' expectations in an increasingly competitive environment. 

Our employees are indispensable partners on the road to success.

Together we form a strong and close-knit team, ready to meet any challenge. Our commitment to the development of our employees is an integral part of our mission and goals as a company. That's why we focus on taking care of our employees to create a workplace where they can grow and achieve satisfaction in what they do.

AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding
100 employees

Thanks to the commitment of our nearly 100 employees, we can provide you with a comprehensive and high-quality transportation service that meets the highest standards.

It is our team that makes AutoAndreas a reliable business partner, ready to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

A solid and close-knit team

Together, as a solid and close-knit team, we aim to provide the best transportation solutions that meet your expectations in terms of timeliness, reliability and professionalism.

Our work based on trust, quality and innovation allows us to stand out in the market and build long-term relationships with our customers. 

We invite you to take advantage of our transportation services and join the ranks of satisfied customers who appreciate our concern for people, attention to quality and commitment to sustainability.

 Together we can achieve outstanding results and exceed all expectations.

  • We are ready to become an integral part of your logistics team, so that together we can achieve your goals and meet your expectations. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for a sustainable future. Transportation and shipping at the highest level.