Offer of forwarding services

Over the years, we have built our reputation as a reliable logistics partner. With our transportation and forwarding services, we can provide you with full support at every stage of delivery.

From the moment of loading to the moment of unloading, we take care of the efficiency, timeliness and safety of your goods.

Contact us today and trust us as a reliable logistics partner to provide you with professional service and efficient solutions. 

AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding

When you use our freight forwarding service, you can count on:


Efficient organization

We have an extensive network of partners and are well versed in logistics procedures. Our team of experienced professionals will take care of the planning, coordination and monitoring of the forwarding process, providing you with full control over the shipment.


Route optimization

We strive to minimize transportation costs and time. We will analyze your requirements and propose an optimal route, taking into account factors such as distance, road conditions, restrictions and preferences.


Shipment tracking

With advanced monitoring and tracking systems, you will have constant access to information about the location of your shipment. You are guaranteed transparency and up-to-date delivery status data.


Professional service

Our team consists of qualified professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage the shipping process. You will be assured that your goods are in good hands.


Flexibility and customization

We are ready to adapt to your individual needs and specifications. Regardless of the type of goods, deadline or complex requirements, we will take every measure to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized service.

We guarantee professional service, complete safety and timely transportation.

Outsource the forwarding of your goods to us and trust our experienced team.

  • We are ready to become an integral part of your logistics team, so that together we can achieve your goals and meet your expectations. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for a sustainable future. Transportation and shipping at the highest level.