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Our efforts are focused on raising brand awareness, cementing our reputation as a premium company, differentiating ourselves in the market, building customer trust and loyalty, and reaching new audiences.

AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding

In creating our services, we are guided by values that are extremely important to us:


AutoAndreas Mission

We strive to provide the highest quality and reliability of our transportation services, while taking care of the environment and the well-being of our employees.
We want to be a partner that adds value, supports sustainability and provides an excellent customer experience. 



This is one of our key priorities. That's why we are investing in a modern fleet of vehicles, such as the DAF XG and XG+ models, which feature an attractive design, but most importantly provide 10% less fuel consumption. This translates into reducing CO2 emissions and supporting sustainable development



We strive to optimize our operations, including route and fuel consumption. We use advanced fleet management systems that enable precise route planning, minimize costs and reduce transportation time. As a result, we achieve operational efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.


Caring for employees

Employees are the heart of our company, so we focus on their safety and well-being. Our vehicle cabs have a volume of 12.5 m³ - one of the largest cabs on the market, which provides a spacious and comfortable environment for drivers during breaks. We care about their health and comfort because we know that satisfied employees translate into better service for our customers.


Caring for the environment

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. That's why we monitor and report our CO2 emissions, engage in emission reduction activities and apply sustainability principles. Our modern vehicles comply with the latest environmental standards, and our fleet is regularly serviced and kept in excellent condition.

Andrzej Jadanowski - AutoAndreas

Andrzej Jadanowski

Since 1995, we have been continuously operating in the market of domestic and international road transportation and freight forwarding services. Our presence in this dynamic market is the result of constant development and improvement of our offer. Throughout the years, we have continuously expanded our services to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of our customers.

When you choose Autoandreas, you get a comprehensive logistics solution and a partner that cares about your needs, the environment and your employees.

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience comprehensive logistics along with the added value Autoandreas offers.

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