Fleet of vehicles is a true showcase of our company 

With a carefully selected range of models, including the new generation DAF XG and XG⁺, we can ensure not only efficient logistics, but also care for the environment and the comfort of our employees.

60 own sets

We have our own fleet of 60 kits, which are our pride, a guarantee of reliability and on-time delivery. This allows us to respond flexibly to the needs of our customers and ensure fast and efficient execution of orders. Our extensive fleet of vehicles allows us to achieve optimum results in terms of economy, while providing high quality transportation services.

Up to 10% less fuel consumption

Our next-generation DAF XG and XG⁺ models deliver superior performance and fuel efficiency. Thanks to advanced technologies and optimization, we achieve up to 10% lower fuel consumption compared to conventional vehicles. This not only translates into lower costs, but also reduced CO2 emissions, contributing to sustainable development.

12.5 m3 of cabin volume

We are aware that our employees spend many hours behind the wheel. That's why we provide them with cabs designed for maximum comfort and ergonomics. The XG and XG⁺ models offer spacious cabs with a volume of 12.5 m³, providing adequate space for work and rest. We take care of our employees, providing them with conditions conducive to efficient and safe work.

When you choose our company, you get access to an extensive fleet of vehicles that are not only versatile, but also optimized for efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

We have modern truck tractors at our disposal

We have 60 modern tractor-trailers that are not only efficient, but also provide driver comfort and safety on the road.

AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding

Curtain-type trailers

13.65 m long and up to 2.76 m high. Our curtain-type trailers provide capacity and flexibility for transporting a variety of goods. A length of 13.65 m allows for the transportation of larger loads, and a height of up to 2.76 m provides sufficient space for most goods.


Mega type trailers

13.65 m in length and 3.00 m in height. Our Mega trailers offer even more cargo space. Thanks to their 3.00 m height, larger and taller loads can be carried, optimizing the logistics process and reducing the number of transports.


Trucks and vans

Ideal for transporting a variety of cargoes. Providing sufficient cargo space, they can transport up to 10 tons or 23/24 Euro pallets. Thanks to them, we can efficiently transport and deliver a variety of goods and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

 XL-certified trailers
- highest safety standards

Our trailers are XL-certified, which guarantees the highest safety standards. This certificate confirms that our vehicles meet strict European standards for stability, strength and safety. Thus, we can provide our customers with full confidence that their cargo is being transported in safe conditions.

Our fleet is constantly maintained in excellent technical condition, ensuring reliability and safety during each transport.

Our diverse and modern fleet allows us to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. With various types of semi-trailers and tractor-trailers, we are able to adapt to the specifics of the goods and ensure optimal transport conditions. 

Choose AutoAndreas and trust us as your partner for efficiency, quality and complete satisfaction. Together we can achieve success!

  • We are ready to become an integral part of your logistics team, so that together we can achieve your goals and meet your expectations. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for a sustainable future. Transportation and shipping at the highest level.