Transportation solutions that exceed industry standards

We invite you to learn more about our transportation offerings, which place great emphasis on caring for the environment and sustainable development. At AutoAndreas, we provide quality transportation services while committing to reducing CO2 emissions and caring for the environment.

We are an industry leader that has been providing quality logistics solutions to our customers for years.

AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding

Transportation coverage - availability without borders!

Our company is prepared to meet your requirements and deliver your goods where they are needed.

Our company offers a wide range of transportation services throughout the European Union. Whether your shipments need to reach Germany, France, Spain, Italy or another EU member state, we can provide fast and efficient transportation of goods.

In addition, we also specialize in handling shipments to countries outside the EU, such as the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of Scandinavia. Our experience and knowledge of local regulations and procedures guarantee efficient and safe freight transportation in these regions.

AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding
AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding

Customer Care, Reliability and Environmental Protection

At Autoandreas, we go to great lengths to meet our customers' expectations by providing not only excellent service, but also eco-friendly solutions. Our fleet of DAF vehicles and SMETA certification are proof of our commitment to excellence, sustainability and environmental protection. We are proud of our achievements and will continue our efforts to fulfill our values and meet our customers' expectations.

We are proud of our commitment to environmental performance and our efforts to minimize our environmental impact. With the introduction of DAF XG and XG+ vehicles into our fleet, we are focusing on fuel efficiency, which leads to a reduction in carbon emissions. By investing in modern and eco-friendly vehicles, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the protection of our planet.

Transportation solutions for your business

When you work with AutoAndreas, you're not only choosing a transportation service of the highest quality, but also a partner that cares about ethics, innovation and sustainability. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience premium services that exceed industry standards.

AutoAndreas - Transport and forwarding

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience premium services that exceed industry standards.

Premium transportation services

We have 60 of the latest DAF vehicles that meet all standards and requirements. Our fleet is constantly updated to ensure reliability and safe delivery. As a result, we are able to offer premium transportation services for both domestic and international freight forwarding.

Ethical approach and sustainability

As members of the SMETA program, we are committed to ethical business practices and activities in line with the principles of social responsibility. Our company cares not only about professionalism, but also about work ethics, employee safety and environmental protection. By using our services, you can be sure that you are supporting a responsible and sustainable approach to business.

Attention to detail and timeliness

Our team of transportation and shipping specialists will take care of every aspect of your order. We plan routes, optimize deliveries, monitor the transportation process and ensure on-time delivery. Our reliability and professionalism are a guarantee that your logistics needs will be met efficiently.

Security of goods

We know how important the safety of your goods is. That's why we offer €300,000 worth of cargo insurance as part of our transportation services. This gives you peace of mind that your valuable products are covered with adequate protection during transportation.

Innovative approach and modern technologies

At AutoAndreas, we are constantly innovating and using the latest technologies to provide our customers with comprehensive and efficient transportation services. We use advanced information systems, GPS technology and real-time tracking to ensure full control and transparency in the transportation process.

Partnership and commitment

We are proud of the long-term relationships we build with our customers. We act as a strategic partner, offering not only transportation services, but also logistics consulting and forwarding care. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to meet your expectations and set goals.

  • We are ready to become an integral part of your logistics team, so that together we can achieve your goals and meet your expectations. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for a sustainable future. Transportation and shipping at the highest level.