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As an AutoAndreas company, we are aware that using SMETA - Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit brings numerous benefits to our customers.

Therefore, thanks to our committed policies and practices, we can proudly say that we are SMETA certified. 

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SMETA certification is proof of our responsible business policies and practices.

Here's why it's important to you:

Ethical business practices

Our company implements and adheres to the SMETA audit framework, which assesses and monitors our ethical and social responsibility. By doing so, we can assure our customers that our work practices comply with ethical standards, such as labor rights, workplace safety, and decent working conditions.

Strengthening reputation and trust

Being SMETA-certified affects the perception of our company among customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. It gives confidence that we are conducting responsible business in accordance with ethical standards, which builds trust and a positive image of the AutoAndreas brand.

Compliance with customer requirements

Many of our customers, especially in the retail and corporate sectors, expect suppliers to meet certain ethical and social standards. Being SMETA certified allows us to meet these requirements and document our compliance, which is a competitive advantage and opens up new business opportunities.

Improving supply chain management

SMETA helps us effectively identify and assess the risks associated with our supply chain, including aspects such as human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and business ethics. As a result, we focus on continuously improving our practices and managing these issues throughout our supply chain, which contributes to greater efficiency, transparency and sustainability.

Working with transparent suppliers

Being SMETA-certified allows us to identify, evaluate and collaborate with suppliers who also emphasize ethical standards and sustainability. In this way, we create a network of trusted partners who share our value and attention to ethical practices.

SMETA Certification

A guarantee of our committed business policies and practices.

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