We believe in the power of sports as a tool to create positive values and support the local community. From the very beginning of our company's existence, we have been involved in sports sponsorship to promote physical activity, competitive spirit and building strong community ties.

AutoAndreas - Twarde Pierniki
AutoAndreas - Twarde Pierniki
AutoAndreas - Twarde Pierniki Toruń

Sports sponsorship allows us to build ties, develop business relationships and common goals that integrate our company.

AutoAndreas is proud to serve as a sponsor and partner of the speedway team KS TORUN and the basketball team "Twarde Pierniki" from Toruń. Our support for the speedway club began in 2015, and for basketball in 2018. Since then, we have supported and been involved in the development and promotion of basketball and speedway in Toruń. We are extremely honored to support these excellent teams, which are an integral part of Toruń's sports landscape. Our mission is to contribute to the sporting success and inspiration of young basketball and speedway students, and our support demonstrates our commitment to the development of this great sport. In addition, our assistance extends to many Toronto schools and orphanages, and we support numerous charity events.

Here are some examples of our support for Toronto sports:

  • Years 2004-2006: Supporting the TKH ThyssenKrupp Toruń ice hockey team.
  • Years 2006-2009: Sponsoring a motocross club from Torun, Motosport Castrol Team.
  • Years 2007-2014: Sponsorship of the UNIBAX S.A. Speedway Sports Club.
  • Since 2007: Supporting the individual development of Torun speedway riders such as Tomasz Chrzanowski, Adrian Miedzinski, Mariusz Puszakowski, Karol Ząbik and Łukasz Wysocki.
  • Years 2009-2013: Supporting the extraliga Futsal ball club, KS Marwit.
  • 2010-2012 season: Sponsorship of Elana Toruń football club.

AutoAndreas' sponsorship activities are aimed not only at promoting sports, but also at creating social values. Through our involvement, we want to inspire young people to physical activity, promote a healthy lifestyle and support the development of sports talents. We aim to build ties with the local community through active participation in sports events, organizing charity events and supporting local schools and orphanages.

At AutoAndreas, we believe that sports not only have the power to mobilize, but also have a positive impact on individual and community development.

Our company will continue its commitment to sports sponsorship, creating value and inspiring others to be physically active, compete and support the local community. 

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