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In our offer you will find a wide range of services concerning transport and shipping.

The range of our transport possibilities is endless.

The range of our services include:
  • Domestic and international transport,
  • Full truck transport,
  • Oversized transport,
  • Cold goods transport (controlled temperature),
  • Transport of valuable goods (insurance of the goods for EUR 300000),
  • Transport of goods that need to be delivered quickly,
  • Transport of food,
  • Transport of feed,
  • Transport of waste,
  • Transport of animal by-products,
  • Transport-shipment consulting,
  • Care of a shipper.

We have a diverse fleet, experienced and professional forwarders as well as qualified drivers.

We are ready to implement each transport task.

We guarantee the implementation of the process of transport, from loading to unloading, in a professional and safe way.

Thanks to the constant contact with drivers and the GPS satellite supervision we inform the client about the transport stages.

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We are a dynamic transport-shipping company active on the European market.