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We have our own fleet with a cubic capacity from 67-100m3.

We have our own 60 new vehicles of DAF brand.

We cooperate also with many regular, proven forwarders who possess their own modern fleet from 1,5t to 24t.

In total, we have at our disposal 100 vehicles.

Our mission is a perfect fleet management. In order to do this all the vehicles are equipped with the fleet management system Astrata and mobile phones. The fleet management system lets continuously manage our vehicles with the transported cargo. It gives us possibility to directly contact the driver via instant messaging. We are able give you the information about their position the whole time. An additional advantage is the possibility to scan documents right after unloading and send them online in the pdf format.

It is important that our fleet includes only the modern vehicles, not older than three years. Taking care of the quality of the offered services we continuously perform their servicing and modernization. It significantly influences the safety and reliability, so fast and punctual implementation of tasks. We are aware of the fact that the technical state of the fleet is important, so we renovate our fleet investing also in new vehicles.

Thanks to that we are aware of our influence on environment and we feel responsible for it, so we do our best to minimize the harmful effects of exhaust emission.

All of our drivers have been trained on the economical driving techniques – they have the ECO-driving certificates and all of our vehicles comply with the European norms of exhaust emission EURO VI. We influence the environment protection also thanks to the fleet management system Astrata mentioned above.

The on-board computers send information about the driving techniques of our drivers and we send them to the drivers motivating them to drive safely and economically. In this way we try to use less diesel oil and cause less CO2 emission into the atmosphere.

All of this lets us meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

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